Make Coloring Pages With An IPad And Printer

I just made another YouTube video. This time I talked about how to make greyscale coloring pages out of photos, using only an iPad and a printer. A diy kind of thing.

I didn’t give much instruction on the apps to make the images. There are all kinds of apps for that and these are easy ones, but I did stress the importance of using 300 dpi and the size page you want to print out to get a coloring page and showed how to use an app that does this.

The image apps are all easy ones that render greyscale images. I focused on Pencil FX App (with really cool textured images), My Sketch App (with its pencil sketch effects), Etchings App (give real cool crosshatching), and the monotone setting of the native IPad Photos App.

All of the coloring pages were made from photos I took on my recent trip to Colorado. So my video was also a bit of a travelogue. It was a lot of fun.

The real instructional part was of how to render the images into the right dpi (resolution) and image sizes. I provided a how to for the program I used to do this, Print To Size App.

Of course, there are many iPad apps that can be used to get coloring book page ready images. And there are other apps to render the image in the correct dpi, but this is the one I used.

I hope you like the video, and have fun making your own greyscale coloring pages.

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