More Color Palette Tools To Play With

rp_image-3-545x545.jpegHi friend, I found a few more cool color palette tools to play with. Take a look.

The first one is an online tool called Color Sphere by Mud Cube. It gives you quite a range of tools. The first is one to help you find the right color harmony. You get neutral, analogous, clashing, complementary, split complementary, triadic, tetradic, four tone, five tone, and six tone. Wow that’s a lot more than some of the other tools I had found. And you can slide the colors to get everything from tints to tones of a given color. Another really cool tool is that you’re able to find out how those colors look to people with different kinds of color blindness. And another tells you whether the color is webs smart or websafe. The one downside is that it only gives you Hex values and RGB values and not CMYK. You can on the other hand download the tools to Illustrator and Photoshop, however when I tried to do so I got an error message. 

The Color App is a Mac only color map tool that goes full screen rather than making you go blind looking at tiny little squares on a grid. It has several different color map types for you to play with. And has a color search tool, so if you have a color in mind, you can search for one you like. Your color selection comes up in a large block with the Hex, HSLA, RGB, and HSLA values. You can find it in the Mac Store from Livdahl Productions, although it is a little pricey at $9.99. Still, it’s a nice tool.

Tin Eye is very cool Web app that lets you search the web for images that combine colors you think you would like to use to see what works. They show you a color grid from which you can select up to five colors. Then the app searches for images on the web to show you examples which have used these colors. From here, you can decide whether the the combination is pleasing. There is a color slider which lets you adjust the percentage of the color in the image and then does another search. I found this rather fun app to play with. The real downside is that the color grid is very small. You really need to use zoom on either a computer or an iPad to see the individual colors properly. 

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