Cool Tools From Prismacolor

Color Palette
There are two really cool tools on the Prismacolor website for all you interested in their pencils and other supplies.

The first one is called Color Picker , and it works with all of their art products. This is a nice tool if you have a color palette in mind, but don’t know which pencils give you that color. You can enter either the RGB or Hex value of a color you want to use in your work. On the sidebar, the Color Picker will tell you which products have that color as part of their palette or tell you the closest match. It also tells you which boxed Prismacolor sets have that color in them.

The second tool is only for use with the Soft Core Colored Pencils. This one is Color Palette (click on tab). (You can also find it by going to Products> More Info > Color Palettes (click on tab). Once there, you will see some numbers for each size pencil set. Click on the size you want and it will show you the individual colors in the set, along with the color number and RGB value. You do need to click on each individual color for the color detail. It provides a nice visual, but takes awhile to go through if you want the detail info. There are similar palettes for the other products, as well.

Have fun coloring!

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