Coloring The New Year

Rose Parade

I’d like to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year 2016! And hope your year will be Colorful and Prosperous!

My habit on New Year’s Morning is to have my coffee and watch the Rose Parade. Having lived in Southern California, this was always an event we watched on TV, sometimes going to the Parade or at least going to Pasadena to view the floats afterwards.

With any parade, a lot of work goes into making the floats. But in Pasadena, I think the Rose Parade is the best of the best. Yes, I’m partial.

One of the really incredible things about making the floats is that all of the coverings must be made of organic material. The colors and textures of the animals, trains, flowers, water falls are all made of flowers, seeds, bark, roots of a wide range of plants. So, brown gorilla fur may be made of coconut fibers. A reddish rock could be made of red lentils. And a rose is, well, made of rose petals. And so on.

The creativity evident in the creation of the floats is incredible. The rainbow of colors in the floats is purely from flowers that can be found in the garden, seeds from the kitchen, or bark from a tree.

The developers and volunteers on the floats are coloring with the Real Thing. That, I think is a real inspiration for all of us who are in love with coloring and creating. Beauty can be made from the tiniest seed or petal.

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